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Date: 03-Jul-2019
Posted by: Tanja ESCHBERGER

One week in the life of an innovation manager


As external innovation managers, we create the framework conditions in companies to enable innovation. In this article, we give you a brief insight into how we as innovation managers at LEAD Innovation shape our week and work with our customers to create innovation.

Status update at the beginning of the week

We start the week on Monday in the office, where we as a team get an overview of all current projects:

  • Where do the projects stand in terms of content, time and budget?
  • What do the projects have to do this week?
  • Which workshops, seminars or events are planned for the coming week?
  • What internal work packages are there for further development?

Monday is often blocked with internal meetings. These are used for the partial coordination of ongoing projects. This can be, for example, the coordination with one of our research analysts regarding the LEAD user search for a certain project or the setting of the agenda for a workshop with a client.

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Varied week with travel and office days

The design of the other days is very different and no two weeks are the same. For example, we fly to a client in the pharmaceutical industry on Monday evening or Tuesday morning and hold a full-day seminar there. On Wednesday we will continue with a workshop in the automotive industry and on Thursday we will be active in the consumer goods industry.

On Friday we are often back in the office and work on our projects. This can be, for example, the preparation of a workshop or the writing of a project proposal or offer for a potential new client. We also hold regular internal innovation meetings in which we work on our own products and further develop project formats.


Different formats in different industries

As innovation managers, we not only handle the planning and preparation of seminars and workshops, but are also responsible for moderation on site. The moderation structure of the workshops remains the same, but for each client we work with a different team and different content specifications.

Each workshop must therefore be individually tailored and prepared for the client in advance. Accordingly, we work in many different project formats and support each company according to its level of knowledge in innovation management - no matter whether it is about familiarizing the company with structured innovation development, imparting methodical know-how, implementing innovation management or planning, developing and marketing concrete innovations. Here are a few examples

  • Strategic project formats: The aim of these project formats is to structure and plan innovation management in the company. This includes an analysis of the House of Innovation as well as the establishment of an innovation culture or an innovation process.
  • Formats for the concrete development of innovations:
    Depending on the innovation goal, this may involve the development of innovative products with the LEAD User Method, the development of a business model innovation with agile methods or the development of new business areas and target groups with New Business Development.
  • Conferences:There are also special weeks where we hold larger conferences and seminars. One example is the forthcoming LEAD User Conference at the Barmherzige Brüdern  on Service Design. The aim of the conference is to develop three revolutionary concepts for a new waiting experience in the ambulance. Together with the participants of the conference, we will develop concepts and detailed descriptions of the ideas on site.
  • Formats for knowledge transfer: In addition to our activities as an innovation partner, we also offer numerous innovation seminars in which we impart comprehensive knowledge and methodological know-how for the development and marketing of innovations.

As innovation managers, we always work with the most diverse formats in different industries. On Tuesday, for example, a LEAD User project is on the agenda in the pharmaceutical industry and the next day we are working on a roadmap project in the automotive industry.


Conclusio: One week in the life of an innovation manager

The weeks of our innovation managers are very varied and demand a new focus every day. As innovation managers, we are moderators, managers and strategy developers. We create corporate culture in companies, structure and plan innovation management in a wide variety of formats and ensure the necessary innovation knowledge in the company.

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Born in Lower Austria. At LEAD Innovation she works as Head of Innovation and focuses on agile innovation management via SCRUM.

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