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Date: 01-Jul-2022
Posted by: Nick Brown

Keeping your employees happy with these 5 easy tricks

The main focus of doing business of any kind is to provide a product and/or a service that satisfies customers and solves a problem that they have. That means offering the best price-to-benefit ratio that is possible because today’s market is globalized and heavily saturated with competition. For most companies that is only what matters but what they do not realize is that there is the other side of that coin.

Aside from focusing on customers and their needs, employees are just as important for a successful business. They have their own, individual needs, wants and aspirations. Their workplace happiness is something you can have great influence over. A higher salary is one of those factors for sure, but with the new generations of workers, there are many more aspects of daily business life. It takes commitment, creativity and surprisingly, not that much investing. Here are some strategies for keeping your employees satisfied, happy and productive in the long run.

1.    Work-life balance

It is all about balance. People can work themselves to the bone and that serves no one, especially in the long run. Employees need to be engaged in their work and competitive. This can be accomplished by creating an environment where they can feel a connection with the organization and their work. Occasional overtime is ok but even the most hardcore workaholics need some off-time to get their thoughts together. The main idea is not to burn-out in the first few weeks but rather keep returning to work with a smile and a reinvigorated drive.


2.    The innovation trifecta

The culture of a company will dictate the relation and approach your employees to take towards innovation. The more a company actively promotes innovation the higher the chances of it resulting in something concrete. There are three aspects of innovation that require separate investments in all parts of a business process, both from the company and the employees alike. There is innovative ability, the willingness to innovate and innovation potential. These are the three dimensions that work together in order to create a synergistic effect. The ability to innovate is supported by promoting creativity within the workforce. This can be done through innovation-promoting management and increasing employee abilities through the development of knowledge. Innovation cannot be ordered but can only be instigated. You need employees who are committed and innovative, or like we previously mentioned, create them. Usual paths of thinking need to give way to innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. Lastly, innovation always needs that final seal of approval from the high up. A framework that is open to innovation must be set in place in order for the employees to have ample opportunity to think, but most importantly, act innovatively and creatively.


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3.    Non-monetary incentives

For holiday gifts or other special occasions, solid cash can seem like a great idea. The thing is, it is too impersonal and generic. It can give off a signal that the person in question is not an individual whose desires and individuality are not recognized and appreciated. Non-cash rewards are much more memorable for employees. Unless the employee actually has some major expenses and a cash equivalent would be the best option. A great way to show recognition towards an employee is a simple handwritten note. Simple, inexpensive and very important for one to be acknowledged in their group of peers.


4.    Team-building events

We are slowly witnessing a shift in consumer habits. For a long time, spiritual gurus have been preaching the importance of acquiring experiences instead of material goods. Statistically, it is a good idea, since money does not bring more happiness when beyond the means to pay the bills and keep food on the table. But what does are the experiences one acquires in their lifetime. Mix that with the possibility for the entire workforce to interact with each other and mingle, everyone will have a great time. Field trips, team-building exercises, weekend-long retreats, anything goes. It can even be in-house, like pizza parties, casual attire day, or if you really want to surprise everyone, throw a party or a show. DJs, local bands, plays or even hiring contortionist performers will surely leave everyone speechless. They will definitely make our appalling sitting habits behind our desks look like the most comfortable positions ever. If there is a big game coming on, organize streaming in the office, with snacks, drinks and all. These experiences will form proper bonds between coworkers and provide everyone with unforgettable life experiences.


5.                                    Building careers

Having a job just so you can keep the lights on is never a satisfactory outlook on one’s career. Employers need to enable them to develop a career, inside the company, of course. That is done by developing new skills and building upon existing ones. Training and development are the ways to go to enable employees to reach that desirable position within the company. Failing to do so could easily result in them finding it somewhere else. New generations of workers have a full grasp of fulfillment and potential for growth vs money in their hands, now. They will gladly accept a tad smaller pay if it means that there are realistic chances for advancement. By investing in your employee’s careers you will make them happy, productive and fulfilled.

Conclusion: Happy employees are the core of a successful business.

If employees feel that they are the key part of a greater whole, you are fulfilling one of the most basic human needs. The sense of belonging and self-actualization is what makes a person tick. They will be glad to return to the workplace and put their best in front of the world to experience.


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Nick Brown

Nick is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged in projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

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