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Date: 25-Jan-2019
Posted by: Franz Emprechtinger

How to invent something new together with LEAD Innovation


LEAD Innovation supports companies with modern methods, an international network of inventors and a competent team to be sustainably successful with innovations. You can read in this blog post why LEAD Innovation does not see itself as a classic consultant and how the cooperation works.

The shelf life of established business models is getting shorter and shorter and the expiry date of innovations is approaching faster and faster. Today, business success can only be secured sustainably with innovations. Inventions are increasingly becoming a constant companion in business life. Nevertheless, in most companies they are not part of everyday business and even overtax one or the other organization.

LEAD Innovation is an innovation management expert

With modern methods for innovation management, an international network of inventors and a competent team, LEAD Innovation can support companies from any industry in the development of innovations. LEAD Innovation is not a consultant working with companies from a few sectors. LEAD Innovation's team consists of experts with broad know-how and many years of experience in innovation management. You will never hear from any of our employees what a product, technology or business model should look like. Because: We control the innovation process so that it leads to a new, successful product, business model, service, process or an innovative organizational form or process. Our credo is Open Innovation. With our expertise, we know exactly when and which external experts can contribute most to the success of an innovation project.


3 Principles that are important for LEAD innovation

LEAD defines innovation as invention plus market success. Innovations become the constant companions of every company. This is precisely why LEAD Innovation does not see itself as a consultant who is only engaged to solve specific tasks or to supervise individual projects. LEAD Innovation is rather an innovation partner and builds the cooperation on 3 pillars:


1) Long-term nature

It sometimes takes a lot of staying power to turn inventions into successful innovations. In this sensitive area, which is crucial for sustainable business success, it is helpful to work together with a partner you already know well. We therefore attach great importance to long-term cooperation with our customers.


2) Discretion and loyalty

Research and development is one of the most sensitive areas of any business. Open Innovation does not mean making one's own projects or strategy publicly available, but rather using the knowledge, experience and perspective of external know-how providers. Information from the research and development sector that falls into the wrong hands can cause considerable damage or even threaten the existence of a company. LEAD Innovation is aware of the trust placed in it by its customers and partners and therefore only ever works with one company within an industry or sector.


3) Guaranteed success

Innovations without creativity are impossible, but at the same time they are not dependent on chance. LEAD Innovation proves again and again that the right methods lead to successful inventions. The LEAD User Method plays a central role in our work. In 14 out of 15 cases, the innovation project ends with patentable concepts.


Get to know us before we get to know you

We believe in a better world through progress and innovation and know how to create innovation for every organization. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible to get started with structured innovation management. To get started, LEAD Innovation offers several ways - without you having to contact us: On our website you will find a wealth of inspiring information about methods, success stories and trends from different industries. We offer this content on our Innovation Blog, in whitepaper and downloads, in the printed editions of Innovation Magazines, in videos and webinars.


Seminars offer knowledge and networks

Our seminars are a good opportunity to get in touch with us and get to know LEAD Innovation better. We thus offer beginners and advanced students training and further education including certification. At these seminars you can also make contacts with like-minded people from many other industries and thus expand your own network. On the basis of this both in-depth and wide-ranging information offer, you can assess whether you want to start and operate innovation management alone, or whether you want to start this journey together with a partner.


We generate a project proposal from your challenges

We would be happy to share our expertise and working methods with you at a personal meeting. You can really get to know both by means of a small project, which we can offer you at very favorable conditions. During such a meeting you describe the current situation, your challenges and your needs. This information is sufficient for us to present you with a project proposal shortly afterwards. This comes from one of our teams, which consists of an innovation manager and a partner (Michael Putz or Daniel Zapfl).


LEAD Innovation does internal persuasion work

LEAD Innovation also considers what is necessary in your company to be able to convince internally. Through our many years of experience, we know very well how projects can be set in motion within companies. Therefore, we also like to work with contact persons who do not have a budget or decision-making power, but would like to start an innovation project and know how best to get an internal approval for such a project. Some of today's highly successful innovations were launched as submarine projects and only later approved by the management level. In this first project proposal, we recommend an innovation method that we adapt to the individual circumstances. As soon as there is agreement on the method, we prepare an offer.


An innovation process does not follow a cycle, but a cycle

LEAD Innovation always divides projects into three phases: The start, the implementation and the target comparison. These three phases are not to be understood as a process with a beginning and an end, but as a cycle. The aim is to implement a process or a program in your company with which you can manage the ever new challenges in a structured way. The time in which we live today has become so fast-moving that projects developed according to the waterfall model often deliver outdated results because important circumstances change during implementation. For innovation management, we create the opportunity to make flexible decisions during implementation and to reschedule if necessary. When managing projects, we constantly question three dimensions anew:


1) content

If the project is still well on the way to achieving its goal. And: Is the goal still the right and desirable one?


2) time

How is the project on schedule?


3) budget

Is the project within the set financial framework?


LEAD Innovation reports weekly

The LEAD Innovation project team checks these three points on a weekly basis and marks progress with the symbol colors green, yellow and red. We prepare such status reports for our customers on a weekly basis and discuss open questions if necessary. These weekly reports cover past and next week's activities. Once a month, the three points are analyzed in more detail. The LEAD Innovation team usually does the work from its own office. For those meetings where decisions have to be made, the project team (partners, innovation managers and, depending on the task, a research analyst) comes to the client.


LEAD Innovation goes through the company with open eyes

Successful innovations depend on many parameters and it is often not even clear to a company itself which ones. From the perspective of an external innovation expert, we discover topics, practices or processes with customers that have little or nothing to do with the project order placed. As a partner, however, we see it as our duty to draw our customers' attention to untapped potential. Thanks to our many years of experience and our own desire for a long-term customer relationship, we know exactly how to address such - sometimes unpleasant - truths. One example: If you have completed a promising innovation project (even without our help), but the hoped-for market success does not materialize, LEAD Innovation can help you with its expertise in inbound marketing.


Conclusio: How to invent something new together with LEAD Innovation

Innovation is a sensitive but increasingly important area for any company. You can have an external innovation partner help you develop tomorrow's cash cows and help you master tomorrow's challenges. Because the innovation activity of any company that wants to be successful in the long term never ends, long-term relationships always pay off when it comes to inventing. When dealing with something new and therefore uncertain, you can rely on an already known partner. The partner will look at your business from a different perspective, either himself or with the help of his external network of experts, and will thus help you to make your company even better.

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Franz Emprechtinger

Born in Ried im Innkreis. As former Head of Innovation, he was responsible for the entire project management and specializes in the areas of fuzzy front end and business model innovation.

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