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Date: 25-Feb-2019
Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER
Category: Innovation goals

The benefits of an innovation history chart


Technical future needs knowledge of the origin. Each product has its own development logic. These have to be thought through to be able to think ahead. Which framework conditions and external influences have determined the innovations of the car so far? The automotive industry's law of movement can be seen on the map of automotive progress. We have recorded the family tree of innovations in space and time and give you an overview here.

At the top are economic influences such as the oil crisis and technical revolutions such as GPS. These include early inventions such as accumulators and electric drives, which today play a new and essential role - the journey leads from the first electric car to the latest Tesla model. Branches such as the Wankel engine or Opel's rocket engine are also seen here, as dead branches on the Tree of Evolution. Brakes, suspensions, airbags and sensors form a completely unique development strand into which ABS was imported by the aircraft industry. The main axis leads from the combustion engine via the hybrid engine to the electric motor. We continue with the electronics. The Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Autonomous Driving are still on the horizon.


But what is YOUR benefit from the LEAD innovation family tree?

"No future without heritage."

Based on this proverb, the LEAD innovation family tree is individually created for each of our customers in order to create an overview of past innovations. On the LEAD innovation family tree only those products are illustrated, which in the past also brought market success.

Case Study Strategic Innovation management


In combination with the trend and needs development of the future, the LEAD innovation family tree provides important insights for future innovation projects.


For example, it may become apparent at a glance that a product will soon become outdated, but that the market need is still there and a new trend in the future will require new successful solutions. This is the birth of your innovation goals and strategic innovation search fields...


Strategic Innovation Management


Born and raised in Vienna. Since 2012 she has been in charge of Business Development at LEAD Innovation with the functions marketing, sales and communication.

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