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Innovations seminars

Here you will find our current range of innovation seminars. All seminars are also offered inhouse.

Advanced training in innovation management.

For all.

Innovation has never been as present as it is today, everyone talks about innovation, everywhere one reads about innovation.

  • Which basic terms are important in innovation management for the right application,

  • with which tools an innovation strategy is built up,

  • how Scrum can be used as an agile process and project management model in innovation management,

  • or even an innovation culture is implemented in the company.

It is important to think about this - even before you look around for suitable methods and creativity techniques to develop new breakthrough innovations. All of these problems are specifically addressed in our seminars and your innovation management is raised to the next level with a holistic approach.

All seminars are offered inhouse, where you can also tailor-made your individual seminar at your company's office.

Look forward to the following offer:

Advanced training in innovation management

Basics in Innovation management

1-day seminar

The seminar is the fastest way to learn innovation management and is suitable for beginners.

Innovation strategy through roadmapping

1-day seminar

In this seminar you will learn the roadmapping method for creating innovation strategies. Because: Innovation can be planned.


Certification LEAD User Method

2-day certification

During this 2-day seminar you will learn the LEAD User Method and receive a certificate as a LEAD User Method User.

Agile business model development and testing

1-day seminar

In this seminar you will learn various methods of agile innovation management.

Creativity techniques for idea generation and evaluation

1-day seminar

On this day you will learn creativity techniques for generating and evaluating ideas and receive tips for moderating innovation workshops.

Innovation culture and change

1-day seminar

In this seminar you will learn how to build up a culture of innovation in your company.

Inhouse Seminar

Tailor-made seminar

Would you like an individual seminar for yourself and your colleagues? We would be happy to arrange a targeted program to meet your needs. Get in touch with us.

It was fun and further curious to get to know the LEAD User Method and to discuss the challenges of innovation management with participants from very different industries.

Roland Pfeiffer, CEO of Uniserv GmbH about the LEAD Seminar in Stuttgart on 27.4.2017

The seminar gave many new food for thought. Especially the thinking in analogous areas and the inclusion of this knowledge can become an important success factor after first estimation.

Günther Steck, Head of Innovation Management of Mayser GmbH & Co. KG about the LEAD Seminar in Stuttgart on 27.4.2017

An interesting day through and through, which has shown many new insights and possibilities. Whatever the industry - it's worth it.

Katrin Moser, Product Manager at Bayerwald Fenster und Haustüren GmbH about the LEAD Seminar in Munich on 11.5.2017

Inspiring exchange; good information and on the other hand convincing methodical approach, paired with a lot of practical knowledge.

Thomas Heimann, Head of Innovation & Education of the Solothurn Chamber of Commerce about the LEAD Seminar in Munich on 11.5.2017

Didactically and rhetorically good seminar with a lot of practical relevance. The learned can be applied independently.

Hans-Jörg Stubenrauch, Innovation Manager of Sick AG about the LEAD Seminar in Frankfurt on 30.10.2018

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