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In 48 hours to prototypes with the LEAD Hackathon.

For 48 hours, three corporations from different industries work on their specific challenges with the help of experts and LEAD Users, connected via one trending topic.

Innovations are made by people.

The word hackathon is a combination of the words "hack" and "marathon" where hack stands for experimental, creative problem solving with a playful approach and marathon stands for the duration of the event. In a hackathon, the focus is always on having fun dealing with a problem and tinkering with solutions. The playful approach, which also includes temporary failure, helps to maintain the fun at the events, which usually last several hours.

The LEAD Hackathon

The LEAD Hackathon is a two-day event where three companies work together with creative minds from start-ups, universities and LEAD Users to solve specific problems within 48 hours. The hackathon takes place in a unique environment that encourages creative thinking and leads to surprisingly innovative new concepts, ideas and prototypes.

How does it work?

1. Challenge formulation

You formulate your specific challenge for the topic and submit it to us. In case you haven't come up with a problem yet, we will be happy to help you specify one.

2. Challenge announcement

You will explain the problem in a short video, which will help us advertise the challenge and find the right people to help us solve it. Additionally, we will spread the word online as well as in our network consisting of more than 17.000 experts.

3. Search for participants

In this step, we are searching for the right users and experts, so you get the right people to work on your challenge.

4. LEAD Hackathon

We invite participants to join a two-day LEAD Hackathon in Vienna during which they will stay at a hotel and work together in a creative space.


2 Teams

You get assigned two teams that consist of experts from associated as well as analogous industries, LEAD Users and internal members of your company.

2 Days

The two teams have 48 hours to work on your challenge.

2 Prototypes

The outcome of the challenge is at least two prototypes and business models, as well as a large number of ideas.


Impression of hackathon

4 Advantages of a Hackathon

1. Discovering needs and problems

External participants ensure social diversity and look at the problem from a completely different perspective. Many companies would certainly never get the idea of looking at certain aspects from the point of view of an assembled group that is united by the urge to do things differently, better or completely new. 


2. Inspiration for your own employees

The variety of perspectives brought in by external participants can not only enrich the range of solutions but introduce new project management methods to your company. The hobbyist and developer scenes are considered to be creative, technically brilliant, unconventional, and fast. In those communities, only a working prototype matters. PowerPoint presentations showing how something could work are dismissed. Hackathon participants also manage to convince the audience of their concept in 90 seconds. The hacker culture could provide valuable impulses for your entire company. Even if you send your employees to such events only to observe, they will undoubtedly be fascinated by the goal orientation and the qualities of the participants. Perhaps, they will want to integrate this experience into their daily work.


3. Find the right specialists

Many companies use hackathons for recruiting purposes. For example, T-Mobile Austria sent some employees from the HR department to the hackathon to search for new talents. The challenges enable both companies and hackathon participants to get to know each other in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere than in an application process. Hackathon participants have an excellent opportunity to present their talent and abilities in front of potential employers and show them how they work with others on a concrete project.


4. Hackathon as a tool for image and brand management

A hackathon is a public event that you can use for your marketing. Depending on the task, you can scale the visibility of your hackathon by inviting the press and encouraging the participants to post in Social Media. In Europe, hackathons are considered to be a modern and innovative method of solving a problem, and they could match your corporate brand.

This is how the 2 days Hackathon works

Introduction & Staging

A hackathon starts with an introduction to your company. The participants must receive enough information on the subject and the problem statement to be able to start the work phase immediately in the previously defined groups.

Identification of the biggest needs and problems

The team discusses the search field as well as the problems and needs associated with it. Especially the LEAD Users are relevant in this part, as they face their needs months or years before the majority of the marketplace confronts them.

Getting to work

It is essential to make sure that the teams have an equal level of knowledge, and they understand the relevance of the subject. After a short lunch, the teams start generating ideas and work on the prototypes.

Presentation of interim results and feedback

In the afternoon, the teams present the interim results to obtain feedback from other groups and companies.

Hackathon Night

After an interim presentation and feedback, the teams continue to work on their ideas and prototypes. Should any group reach an impasse, LEAD Innovation supports them with advice and suitable methods. 


Day 2 is dedicated to prototyping. The teams work intensively on the basic models or design of the product/service according to the concept.

Creation of a business model

Depending on the search field, the teams create a business model that is an essential part of the final presentation as it explains how the idea is going to make money.


On day 2, the teams can reach out to experts and the companies with any questions or concerns to receive feedback and improve their prototypes.


In the afternoon of the second day, the teams present their final ideas with prototypes and a corresponding business model.

Evening program & networking

The Hackathon ends with drinks and networking between all participants.

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Innovation for Pets

The pet market is booming, and the blossoming industry is definitely to watch in the future. In Germany alone, the retail of pet supplies in 2018 resulted in a sales volume of 4.223 billion € and an additional 625 million € were spent online. In Germany, around 14.8 million cats currently live in 23% of all households, followed by 9.4 million dogs in 19% of all households.
Pets: man's best friend and roommate!


Digitization is on everyone's lips. Digital technologies are implemented to change business models or processes and create new revenue and value opportunities. However, digitization brings both challenges and opportunities to the companies. The LEAD Hackathon on digitalization brings together people with different backgrounds, including experts from outside the industry, to initiate entirely new ways of thinking.

Future Production Technologies

The importance of innovation culture is increasing as it is the driving force behind the innovation process. A company's long-term success can only be achieved with innovation.
We have put together 10 tips for establishing a culture of innovation for you.
We are happy to provide you with them free of charge for download.

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