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With LEAD Innovation
to the individual innovation strategy.

LEAD Innovation guides you towards your individual innovation strategy and uncovers unexplored areas for future innovations.

We identify with you opportunity spaces and strategic search fields. 

"Innovation on demand" - this well-known phenomenon can be observed in many companies. Because a large customer expresses special wishes. Because a new trend inspires everyone. Or because someone happens to have a "great idea". Someone who has a lot of persuasive power internally.

But before starting an elaborate project, you should make some basic considerations and clarify preliminary questions so that innovations do not miss the needs of the market. The same applies if the development department has just enough products in the pipeline but it is still unclear which innovation strategy you will use to meet the needs of the market.

What is an innovation for your company? Which markets, which trends, which technologies are relevant for you in the long term? To what extent should and may your products be innovative, from a market perspective? Do your customers expect new products or complete solutions? Will the service sector become more important in the future and even merge with your products? How will the industry and its environment develop in the next 15 years? What fits to your brand, what do you think it is capable of?

Which product groups need to be rejuvenated when and at what pace? What resources are needed to successfully position the planned innovations in the market? Is your sales department also ready? Can your market tolerate a breakthrough innovation, or does further development in small steps promise more success?

The path to innovation success: Your individual innovation strategy.

During the project, methods according to Closed Innovation (use of employees' knowledge in the context of interviews and validation) and Open Innovation (external experts and customers in the context of interviews and validation) are used.

We support you by analyzing your past and future to define opportunity spaces for your company. The results are summarized in a strategy paper. This will list further detailed measures for all selected search fields.

This Strategy Paper also serves as a basis for your decision for strategy activation. 

Your benefits:

  • With LEAD Innovation you go the way to a targeted, strategic innovation management.
  • Together we create a structure to activate your innovation strategy
  • Open Innovation: We integrate our international network of experts in order to use knowledge from outside your company. 

Your results from the innovation project:

Innovation History Chart

We survey your innovation history and visualize it in the form of an innovation family tree. 

Definition Innovation

So that everyone in your company speaks the same language, we work with you to define innovation for your company. 

Trend Time Line

Working with trends is indispensable in innovation management. That's why you receive all company-relevant mega-, micro- and macro-trends visualized on a timeline.

SWOT Analysis

We look at your strengths and weaknesses from an internal perspective, as well as opportunities and risks from an external perspective. 

Clear Development Tasks

From the strategy project you receive formulated and validated opportunity spaces and search fields for corporate management and development. 

Strategy Paper & Picture

With the help of the strategy picture and the strategy paper, you not only get an overview of all planned activities, but this also forms the perfect basis for decision-making. 

Uncover still unrecognized potentials with your innovation strategy.

The innovation strategy is the map for your methodically secured path into the future. It is created for your projects that anticipate the challenges of all foreseeable changes in technologies, social conditions and market trends. We bring you together with the best experts and together we develop the roadmap to innovation success.

Your innovation strategy digitally mapped.

We will find a tool for you to work digitally on your innovation strategy that is optimally tailored to the needs of your company and adapt it to the corporate design of your company.

You do not start from scratch.

We import existing trends relevant to your company from the LEAD database into your digital innovation tool. In coordination with your project team, the trends entered from your industry, consumers and technologies are compressed and released. The digital platform thus forms a good working basis for your entire team. 

In 3 steps to new opportunity spaces and strategic search fields.

After the project ramp-up and the set-up of the digital innovation platform for your team, we enter the phase of information gathering. 

Results from the information collection are among others 

  • Innovation family tree
  • Resulting core competencies, strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of key performance indicators in innovation management
  • List of start-ups in your business field
  • Company specific trends
  • Information about the market
  • Customer needs, pain points and challenges

Using these results, you can make a well-founded decision for prioritizing and deciding on opportunity spaces. In the next step, we jointly survey the strategic search fields available in the opportunity spaces. You will receive a big picture of your strategy as well as a strategy paper for the planning of development orders. 

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