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The right innovation methods.

Innovation methods

Tailor-made innovation methods.

Roadmapping with a targeted development of trends for a secure path into the future, the creation of an innovation family tree for the evaluation of one's own innovation activity in the past and innovation key figures as a measurable basis for decisions in innovation management form our methodical ingredients for a well thought-out innovation strategy.

The LEAD User Method, as the core methodology from the Open Innovation approach, as well as various creativity techniques such as "World Café, 4-3-20 or Nagging, are the tools that form the basis for the innovation development of new products, processes, services and business model innovations, when generating ideas and concepts for (radical) breakthrough innovations.

In addition, versatile round tables with selected experts from every industry support target-oriented work in innovation management.

Even when it comes to creating new business models, we offer a structured, visual approach that makes your business model visible, assessable and changeable using the world-renowned Business Model Canvas method. An environment analysis examines the impact of market, technology, and industry trends on your business model while providing a framework for future business models.

You can see, no matter how mature your innovation management is, that we have the right innovation method for you. We work exclusively with scientific methods that also follow the Open Innovation principle. An essential part of this is the inventor network, which comprises of around 15,000 experts from various industries.

The LEAD User Methode is the Open Innovation method that we have been using since 2003. 

The aim of this method is to develop products, processes, services or business models that are particularly close to the market, customer-oriented and geared to the end user. In doing so, progressive users, pioneers, and inventors (LEAD Users), are involved as early as possible in the process of innovation development.

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Types of innovation.

Would you like to get an overview of innovation types and find out why a classification for innovation management is urgently needed?

We have prepared a paper for you so that you can find out what the purposes of different innovation types are.

This download also gives you an insight into the importance of the degree of innovation.

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Types of innovation
Develop breakthrough innovations with the LEAD User Method

Innovation development

Develop breakthrough innovations with the LEAD User Method

More than 60% of new products fail in the market, and many new developments do not even make it into the market. With the LEAD User Method, a tool was developed at MIT that makes it possible to develop tomorrow's market-driven innovations with the involvement of progressive inventors and hobbyists from the target market and so-called analogous areas.

Advantages of an Innovation Roadmap

Innovation strategy

Key benefits of an Innovation Roadmap

With a roadmap, you can assess the success of your new developments from the past more objectively. It also provides you with a concrete roadmap for your future research and development activities.

What is a business model innovation?

Business model innovation

What is a business model innovation?

Innovation is immensely important for companies in all sectors. In many cases, however, innovation is only associated with new, innovative products or technical innovations. However, business model innovations are much more profitable. Changes in customer behavior, globalization and technological innovations are currently creating a "window of opportunity" for new business models.