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Innovation management

With us, you are comprehensively innovative

Successful innovations arise through a holistic approach to innovation management. As innovation consultants, we ensure your vision changes the market. Process and structure organization, a culture of innovation, and the right innovation methods help you achieve innovation excellence.


Create space

Why do some organizations churn out innovations while others fail to complete their innovation projects? In many cases, this is down to structures, processes, and corporate culture. 


Gathering inspiration

Strategic innovation management uses information from the past and the potential future. We advise you during implementation and support you with gathering information. 


Realize innovation

Know which big step you want to take next? We support you methodically and professionally; assisted by our experts, partners, and the worldwide lead user network. 

Paper Establishment of holistic innovation management

Only holistic innovation management will bring you success!

For sustained success, innovation management must always be considered holistically. Individual measures and ad hoc projects may well lead to new things, but do not make established companies permanently innovative. You can read about how you can enhance innovative strength with holistic innovation management here.

Innovation Consulting

We rev up your innovation engine. Comprehensively and permanently.

Powerful structures and innovation processes

Poorly designed structures and processes cost a lot of time and money. In contrast, a structural and process organization that is aligned towards innovation helps your employees to create something new. Clearly defined responsibilities, considered workflows, and accepted processes are the basis for churning out innovations. 

Aligning a corporate culture towards innovation

A culture of innovation arises from employees' ability, volition and permission. If the capability, willingness and possibility for innovations exist, the prospects for something new increase spontaneously. 

Know the future, technologies, and markets

Trends provide you with orientation for strategic and operational innovation management. With this knowledge, you yourself have a discerning eye on the smallest changes in your fields of business. If you use this advantage intelligently, your entire company works more effectively and efficiently towards innovation.

Correctly evaluate your own innovation performance

Performance indicators help you draw informed conclusions about your innovation activities. Reliable innovation KPIs underpin strategic innovation management with meaningful figures. 

Innovation close to customers and markets

Know the unspoken needs of customers. Know how advanced users solve your problems. Understand which requirements customers place on your service. Recognize how you can open up new markets with your core competence. All of the above can be discovered with the right innovation method. 

You have a vision – we bring it to life.

Sometimes it is a product innovation that rejuvenates your range; or a service innovation with which you stand out on the market. However, it could also be a holistic approach for non-stop innovations. Let's talk about how we can support you with our services. 

Success Stories

Wir begleiten. Wir bewegen. Wir schaffen Raum für Visionen.

“The best decision for our new business development. An open, structured collaboration based on trust that makes out-of-the-box thinking possible!”

"Everyone talks about innovation. And how important good innovation management is. Lead was the first to show how it works. And that was no accident: precise and detailed preliminary work, a structured and excellently organized Lead User Conference and a great and competent Lead team helped us to this success."

“Many issues are taken for granted by us internally and are no longer questioned. A look from the outside often helps to detach oneself from old patterns of thinking.”

„In order to survive in a competitive environment, a company must significantly differentiate itself from its competitors. Innovation is the key criterion here. A successful innovation process must be systematic, future-oriented and, above all, user-integrated. The Lead User method is one of the answers to these requirements.“

"The Lead User method came more than handy to us in order to bring the forward-looking customer even more into the foreground of our ideas than before. Because Vitrulan is regarded in our industry as an engine of innovation. This reputation fills us with a certain pride and strengthens our claim not to let up in any way in our innovative activities. We gladly accepted the offer of several years of support and advisory accompaniment from Lead Innovation Management GmbH in order to be able to realize the developed idea concepts in a professional, goal-oriented manner from the technical development to the marketing introduction in a timely manner."

Dr. Vera Rührup R&D Director at INNO FRICTION GmbH
Dr. Dr. Ildikó Amann-Zalán fmr. Head Medical Affairs & QM, Roche Diagnostics GmbH
Frank Bistrick Head of Product Development, Westfälische Provinzialversicherung
Ing. Reinhard Mäser frm. Head of Development, Julius Blum GmbH
Michael Gebhardt frm. Managing Director Vitrulan Textilglas GmbH
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