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    Method Finder

    Which innovation method is now needed?

    On the path towards successful innovation, choosing the correct innovation method is crucial to the success of your project. The method must be appropriate for your starting point and depends on various parameters. Our Method Finder helps get you on the right path. 


    Tool for innovation managers

    The Method Finder from Lead Innovation

    Choosing the right innovation method has decisive impacts on the success of innovation projects. A pain point analysis or workshop with experts is not suitable in every situation. Sometimes start-up scouting or patent mining is required. The repertoire of innovation methods on which an innovation manager can draw is rich. What is important is understanding your own starting situation to be able to take the next steps with the right innovation method.

    With our Method Finder, you have a tool to hand that helps you with your everyday work simply but effectively. This innovation tool is based on our experiences from innovation projects and accompanies you on the complex decision-making pathway to the right innovation method for your situation. 

    Quickly located

    With the Method Finder, you quickly identify the situation in which you find yourself with your innovation project in five minutes. Derived from this is a set of methods appropriate to your situation. 

    Summarized succinctly

    You obtain a description of your starting point and learn which method set would be suitable for you. The right methods are described briefly and to the point, so that you can decide which innovation method to adopt next. 

    Targeted consulting

    The Method Finder gives you suggestions for your method selection that are a match for your starting point and current situation. The results are prepared so that you can use them directly for presentations and discussions with customers.

    Your vision: together we bring it to life.

    Sometimes it is a product innovation that rejuvenates a range; or a service innovation with which you stand out on the market. However, it could also be a holistic approach for non-stop innovations. Let's talk about how our services can provide support.


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