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With the Open Innovation methods we apply, we integrate our extensive, cross-sector innovators network to develop innovations with our customers.

International Innovators network.

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We believe in a better world through progress & innovation. LEAD knows the way to create innovation for every organization.

Innovation and progress.

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As the first and leading innovation partner in Europe, we support our customers in creating breakthrough innovations using the LEAD User Method.

Leading provider of the LEAD User Method.

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We support companies with our holistic approach to efficiently plan, structure, invent and market innovations and thereby achieve growth.

Holistic innovation management.

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Innovation management from one hand.

With our toolbox of innovation methods, we help each company individually to structure, plan, develop and market innovations.


We help you to establish innovation management in your company, to shape the appropriate innovation process and to strengthen innovation culture.


With a wide range of open innovation methods, we develop tomorrow's product, process, service, market and business model innovations with you.


Setting innovation goals, defining innovation, learning from the past through an innovation tree and planning the future through roadmapping and trend scouting are some of our strengths.


You have an invention and want to market it successfully now? With modern marketing methods and a large network we support you in your project.


Develop breakthrough innovations.

Gardena was looking for a new innovative tool for gardening. With the LEAD User method we supported Gardena and developed a very well-known product. The following content was published with the acceptance of Gardena.

Please understand that we can't talk about concrete topics.

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LEAD Innovation

Our Case Studies

Here you can find an excerpt of our case studies.

Strategic innovation management

How an international textile manufacturer planned innovations with the help of an innovation family tree and trends.

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LEAD User Method

Read here how Gardena developed breakthrough innovations with the LEAD User Method.

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Developing market innovations

How the Austrian company conquered new markets with the LEAD transfer method.

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% Patent rate

The LEAD User method came more than handy to us in order to bring the forward-looking customer even more into the foreground of our ideas than before. Because Vitrulan is regarded in our industry as an engine of innovation. This reputation fills us with a certain pride and strengthens our claim not to let up in any way in our innovative activities. We gladly accepted the offer of several years of support and advisory accompaniment from LEAD Innovation Management GmbH in order to be able to realize the developed idea concepts in a professional, goal-oriented manner from the technical development to the marketing introduction in a timely manner.

Michael GEBHARDT former managing director of Vitrulan Textilglas GmbH

Everyone talks about innovation. And how important good innovation management is. LEAD was the first to show how it works. And that was no accident: precise and detailed preliminary work, a structured and excellently organized LEAD User Conference and a great and competent LEAD team helped us to this success.

Dr.Dr. Ildikó Amann-Zalán Head Medical Affairs & QM, Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Many issues are taken for granted by us internally and are no longer questioned. A look from the outside often helps to detach oneself from old patterns of thinking.

Frank Bistrick, Head of Product Development Private Customers of Westfälische Provinzialversicherung

The LEAD User Conference - Develop breakthrough innovations.

The LEAD User Method was developed by Professor Eric von Hippel at MIT, the Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA, in the 1980s. It is based on the empirical realization that innovations are often not initiated by manufacturers, but that users are often the driving force behind developments. The combination of LEAD users from the target market and analog areas as well as the client's internal team leads to groundbreaking innovations at the LEAD User Conference.

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Advanced training in innovation management.

In addition to our activities as an innovation partner, we also offer numerous innovation seminars.

Beginners and advanced - the right offer for everyone. Choose the right one for you from a wide range of innovation seminars. We would also be pleased to organize all of our seminars tailor-made, inhouse at your premises.

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Our latest blog posts

Here you can find our latest blog posts about innovation topics.

When is the right time to start an innovation activity?

Being in the market with an innovation too early or too late costs money. The question of the right time for an innovation is therefore crucial. In this article, you can read how Roadmapping can help you answer this ...

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Speed in innovation management: Why startups are faster than large companies

It is no secret that start-ups usually innovate much faster than established large companies. In this article you will learn why this is so and how the speed of innovation management in large companies can be increased.

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Elon Musk and the future of the brain-machine interface

Elon Musk has had a lot to offer over the past 25 years, including an early online bank, solar roof tiles, a tunnelling machine, an electric car, a reusable rocket, and even an electric car shot into space with a ...

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LEAD Innovation

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In the 30-minute innovation check, you evaluate 4 subject areas of your innovation management.

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