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A systematic approach for innovation excellence.

Our holistic approach makes established companies more innovative. With customer-focused work methods and our global network of experts, we bring your visions to life.

Innovations mostly fail due to a failure to take a holistic approach. But such an approach can be unleashed in three steps.

Established companies often struggle with systematic work on innovation. Many fail in this area, and what remains is scorched earth. In order for you to avoid the same mistakes, we support you with our approach for holistic innovation management. 

Make innovation simple
Capacity for innovation is one of the most important core competencies. Innovation projects mostly become drowned in bureaucracy and impractical innovation management. The focus on individual measures obscures sight of the big picture. A terminal error in an ever faster and more complex commercial world. However, innovation can be simple if it is made an integral component of your organization.
Interpreting the signs correctly

Implementing strategies – this requires knowledge. If you are prepared for trends and technologies and learn from your own past, your innovations will gain in quality. Strategic innovation management only works with a systematic analysis of search areas, opportunities, and potential. With the right information, you do not get lost in questions of detail and you reduce the risk of flopping.

Create accepted solutions

Your own portfolio will not be rejuvenated over night. Viable concepts that exceed future requirements or open up new lines of business come about through hard and systematic work on innovation. The skill here is in creating accepted solutions that increase your sales over the years to come.

Ganzheitliches Innovationsmanagement aus einer Hand

Bringen Sie die Innovationsleistung Ihres Unternehmens durch einen ganzheitlichen Managementansatz auf Touren.

Ganzheitliches Innovationsmanagement aus einer Hand

Bringen Sie die Innovationsleistung Ihres Unternehmens durch einen ganzheitlichen Managementansatz auf Touren.

Nonstop innovations come from seeing the big picture

Start with holistic innovation management


Innovative organizations create space for new things at all levels. As innovation consultants, we work with you on the right structural and process organization that supports your core business and unleashes innovative strength. Structures, processes, and corporate culture ensure the necessary drive and mettle through:

  • A clear picture of a holistic approach for your innovation management.
  • A comprehensible and accepted innovation process.
  • A vibrant culture of innovation.


Innovations are strategic decisions that you make long before you know what the result looks like. A task for visionaries. With the right measures in strategic management, you generate and integrate knowledge in your organization. We advise you with the long-term safeguarding of your capacity for innovation by:

  • Working out potential and development opportunities.
  • Learning from past and current successes for the future.
  • Seeking out technologies with which you realize your visions.


We are not content with guiding your ideas to marketability – we want to increase your revenues with the right innovation at the right time. With the right innovation methods, we work with you on the success of tomorrow. With us as innovation consultants, lucrative novelties emerge with which you can stand out from the market and open up new lines of business.

  • You gain knowledge with advanced experts, users, and inventors.
  • Together with customers, we develop service and breakthrough innovations.
  • Take the step towards radical new things and open up new lines of business.
  • Relieve the strain on your company's work on innovation projects with our skills and know-how.
Ganzheitliches Innovationsmanagement aus einer Hand

Bringen Sie die Innovationsleistung Ihres Unternehmens durch einen ganzheitlichen Managementansatz auf Touren.

Ganzheitliches Innovationsmanagement aus einer Hand

Bringen Sie die Innovationsleistung Ihres Unternehmens durch einen ganzheitlichen Managementansatz auf Touren.

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How decision makers engender modern innovation management

The “house of innovation” offers a holistic solution for operational and strategic innovation management. It enables you to consistently pursue your innovation strategy and innovate on a regular basis.

Ensure your company remains competitive and innovative by using the “house of innovation” as a model.

In this paper, you will learn which measures you can take immediately and which long-term steps you should consider for holistic innovation management.

Organization. Structure. Innovation.

Successful innovation consulting requires a holistic and customized approach.

  1. We examine the actual situation in your company, set out the objectives, and analyze the starting point.
  2. Together, we define the procedure; we go on the look out for new things for you, offer modern approaches, and support you with the right innovation methods.
  3. We do not leave you alone with the results of our work. We check that measures are taking effect, test concepts are functioning, and help fill processes with life.

Our success stories

A multitude of innovations have arisen from the collaborations with our clients. A select collection of success stories await you here. 

Service innovations

Barmherzige Brüder

People want to be inspired and expect seamless workflows – and it is no different in a hospital. In the Barmherzige Brüder hospital in Vienna, the refurbishment of the outpatient department was taken as an opportunity to improve patients' stay with service design.


Greiner Packaging

As a leading European packaging manufacturer in the food and nonfood sector, Greiner Packaging is constantly working on new solutions. The established company was searching for a method that provides orientation for future innovation projects.

Product innovations


The lead user method is based on the empirical finding that innovations are rarely initiated by manufacturers, but rather that users are the driving force behind groundbreaking developments.

That's why we are the first choice

We advise companies on innovation management comprehensively

An innovation partner of established companies for many years, we know how you overcome obstacles and secure your economic success over the long term. With holistic innovation management, we breathe new life into your company while simultaneously ensuring the necessary balance so that new things can emerge continuously.

20years as an innovation consulting
For two decades, we have been looking closely and listening carefully. This has made us the preferred innovation partner for established companies from various sectors for many years.
Everything in view

With our holistic approach, we break open rigid structures and enable non-stop innovation with which you achieve sustained success and growth.

+30k experts

Our worldwide network of lead users and experts is unique and has helped many organizations to solve the trickiest of problems. 

1st class team

You can be certain of your success. Our innovation managers and researchers are top class and work passionately on your innovation projects. 

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client_logo_Volkswagen AG

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