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Success Story

How roadmapping precisely traces out search areas for future innovation.

As a leading European packaging manufacturer in the food and nonfood sector, Greiner Packaging is constantly working on new solutions. The established company was searching for a method that provides orientation for future innovation projects.

 The aim was to precisely map out the subject areas for future innovations and to formulate specific search areas.
About Greiner Packaging

Greiner AG, based in Kremsmünster, Austria, is one of the world's largest manufacturers and processors of foam and plastic. 

Company size

11,494 employees


Strategic innovation management

Industry sectors

Packaging industry, B2B

The challenge

The challenge

The innovation manager Hanna Roitner explains: "What we were previously lacking was a structured route to the question: where do we want to innovate"? The solution found was the roadmap methodology, which enables everything. Together with Lead Innovation, the aim was to precisely map out the subject areas for future innovations and to formulate specific search areas.

The path and the objective

The path and the objective

Using the modules of the Lead Roadmap, we first delved through previous innovation activities and then created an innovation chart.

We gleaned information for trend gathering and analysis through discussions with employees and secondary research. Building on this, with the internal project team of Greiner Packaging and suitable industry experts, we conducted a roundtable discussion and identified potential search areas. 

The result

The result

The result was an innovation chart and a collection of trends presented on the timeline, which reflected both internal and external perspectives. This provides the search areas, which are arranged by topic and clustered into innovation themes.

A total of 21 search areas were derived from the innovations from the past and the trends. After narrowing them down, 12 search areas were followed up. A promoter (owner), a pacemaker (2-year Intrapreneurship Program participant, as an acting project manager) and a search area team, which supported the pacemaker, were assigned to each search area. With that basis set, the development of new solutions began.

As a long-standing innovation partner of Greiner, we made a summary after two years: some search areas were implemented, others reprioritized or refined, and a new pacemaker program was commissioned.

Searching for the 'next big thing?'

An innovation roadmap provides a clear view of the core business area and new lines of business. We support you with this. 

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