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We accompany you in innovation management

With tailor-made innovation methods we support our customers in innovation management: from structuring and planning to inventing and marketing breakthrough innovations.

We support you with our network of inventors in the following areas

Definition of the early phase in innovation management (fuzzy front end)

The definition of innovation goals

The structure of innovation culture

The creation of a innovation structure

The planning of an innovation process

The creation of an innovation strategy

The innovation development in the area of products, processes, services and business models with the help of the LEAD User Method.

The creation of market innovations

The marketing of innovations. 


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Innovation management

Strategic innovation management

Innovation management is the systematic planning, control and monitoring of innovations in organizations.


It includes all measures to promote and use innovation - renewal - in the company. The focus is not only on the new, but also on the benefits of the innovation. The goal is new and improved products, new business models or new processes.

LEAD as innovation partner

As an innovation partner, we accompany you with tailor-made projects to your innovation success - from the strategy to the development and implementation of innovations.

5 steps how to implement innovation management

There are many different ideas and innovation opportunities for every organization. In order to systematically find and use them, innovation management is necessary to achieve maximum success.

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