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Experience with LEAD Innovation.

Experience with LEAD Innovation and at LEAD seminars

Michael Gebhardt, former managing director Vitrulan Textilglas GmbH

"The LEAD User method came more than handy to us in order to bring the forward-looking customer even more into the foreground of our ideas than before. Because Vitrulan is regarded in our industry as an engine of innovation. This reputation fills us with a certain pride and strengthens our claim not to let up in any way in our innovative activities. We gladly accepted the offer of several years of support and advisory accompaniment from LEAD Innovation Management GmbH in order to be able to realize the developed idea concepts in a professional, goal-oriented manner from the technical development to the marketing introduction in a timely manner."



Frank Bistrick, Head of Product Development, Westfälische Provinzialversicherung

"Many issues are taken for granted by us internally and are no longer questioned. A look from the outside often helps to detach oneself from old patterns of thinking."



Ing. Reinhard Mäser, former head of development, Julius Blum GmbH

„In order to survive in a competitive environment, a company must significantly differentiate itself from its competitors. Innovation is the key criterion here. A successful innovation process must be systematic, future-oriented and, above all, user-integrated. The LEAD User method is one of the answers to these requirements.“ 



Dr. Dr. Ildikó Amann-Zalán, Head Medical Affairs & QM, Roche Diagnostics GmbH

"Everyone talks about innovation. And how important good innovation management is. LEAD was the first to show how it works. And that was no accident: precise and detailed preparatory work, a structured and excellently organized LEAD User Conference and a great and competent LEAD team helped us to achieve this success." 



Olaf Kollmann, Key Account Manager, SUDHAUS GmbH & Co. KG

"Praise to the LEAD Innovation team. The event was perfectly organized and profitable for all participants." (about a LEAD User Conference in January 2017)



Roland Pfeiffer, CEO of Uniserv GmbH

"It was fun and further curious to get to know the LEAD User Method and to discuss the challenges of innovation management with participants from very different industries." (about the LEAD Seminar in Stuttgart on 27.04.2017)

Günther Steck, Head of Innovation Management Mayser GmbH & Co. KG

"The seminar gave many new food for thought. Especially the thinking in analogous areas and the inclusion of this knowledge can become an important success factor after first estimation." (about the LEAD Seminar in Stuttgart on 27.04.2017)



Katrin Moser, Product Manager at Bayerwald Fenster und Haustüren GmbH

"An interesting day through and through, which has shown many new insights and possibilities. Whatever the industry - it's worth it." (about the LEAD Seminar in Munich on 11.05.2017)



Thomas Heimann, Head of Innovation & Education of the Solothurn Chamber of Commerce

"Inspiring exchange; good information and other convincing methodical approach, paired with a lot of practical knowledge." (about the LEAD Seminar in Munich on 11.05.2017)



Sebastian Held, Innovation Manager Research Consumer Goods at WMF Group

"I really learned a lot of new things in the best atmosphere and was able to clarify my own questions in the innovation process. Your method will definitely have a place in my personal repertoire and, together with other approaches, will create the prerequisites for finding problem solutions for the future. I am also confident that I will be able to contribute what I have learnt to the company and expand it further." (about the LEAD Seminar Certification LEAD User Method in Stuttgart on 27 & 28.06.2018)

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