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Innovation management: this is how to fill the idea funnel for numerous innovations

Ideas with genuine innovation potential do not just appear from nowhere. You can read about how to get the right ideas conceived in the idea funnel in this blog article.

One of the most important prerequisites for successful idea generation is to create a culture of creativity, innovation and idea sharing.

Innovation management is a key competence that can help companies to successfully establish and develop themselves in the dynamic market of today's economy. An essential element of idea management involves filling the idea funnel with great ideas. In this blog, I will provide you with tips and guidance on how to amply fill the idea funnel so that innovative solutions are conceived and new findings are obtained.

Tip: before you gathering ideas, it is essential you consider how these ideas will be evaluated and when feedback is given regarding ideas. This is how you increase the success rate of your idea management. Otherwise, a rash start to the idea process can quickly lead to frustration and disappointment. This is the only way to ensure that your ideas really get the attention they deserve.

How does idea management ensure an amply filled idea funnel?

An amply-filled idea funnel is the basis of every successful innovation process. In order to guarantee this, idea management must be practiced. The key points here are structured and continuous idea collection, evaluation and the promotion of new ways of thinking.

One of the most important prerequisites for successful idea generation is to create a culture in which creativity, innovation and idea sharing are not only tolerated, but explicitly desired. This demands that employees not only have the necessary resources to develop new ideas, but that their input is also judged fairly and handled appropriately. Only then can an environment be created over the long term in which all views and perspectives are welcome.

For this reason, a process must also be developed that enables the company to efficiently evaluate and prioritize ideas that are brought forward. Through this process, various innovative approaches can be evaluated and continuously developed. This ensures that the best possible projects are pursued and innovative approaches to solutions are devised.

Innovation processes are therefore based on a well-stocked idea promotion system – something that can only be achieved through professional idea management. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to provide the necessary resources to stimulate the flow of innovation and thus to advance your company in the long term and to shape the future!

Why ideas are important for innovation management

Innovation is the be-all and end-all when it comes to the future viability of companies. But where do the ideas for new products, processes or business models come from? This is where innovation management comes into play. It is responsible for creative ideas being conceived and implemented. It is important that all employees are involved in the innovation process and can contribute their ideas.

Why is that so important? On the one hand, employees often have a different perspective on the company than managers. They know the needs of customers first-hand and can therefore provide valuable input. Thus, there is an opportunity to use an open innovation approach. On the other hand, the involvement of the workforce also increases motivation and satisfaction in the workplace. After all, if you feel that your ideas are being heard, you feel valued.

Good innovation management therefore not only ensures new products or services, but also promotes a positive corporate culture. However, it is important that there are clear processes for collecting and evaluating ideas so that they do not come to nothing. Only in this way can continuous improvement take place and the company be successful in idea management in the long term.

How do you boost creativity in a company?

Creativity is more important for companies today than ever before. To remain competitive, companies must continuously generate new ideas and find innovative solutions to problems. The creativity of the workforce is therefore a central resource in every company. But how can you stimulate creativity in a company?

One way is to give employees more freedom and flexibility in their work. A flexible work environment encourages looking for solutions to problems in unconventional ways and unleashing ideas. There are also many other measures to stimulate creativity in a company, including:

  • fostering open and honest communication.
  • involving experts and lead users.
  • holding regular training sessions and workshops to learn new skills and ideas.
  • holding team-building activities to strengthen trust and cooperation between colleagues.

These measures all clearly point in one direction: good ideas require holistic innovation management at the strategic level, whereby procedures, structures, processes and culture ensure the innovative strength of the organization.

Once you have firmly established your strategic innovation management, work can begin at the operational level on the next big innovation. Finally, here is a tip on what you should formally look for in an idea pitch.

Idea management software: a big help for companies

When it comes to conceiving ideas and implementing them successfully, professional idea management is indispensable. Well-known organizations from our client base also rely on software support in idea management. This is because good software can map the idea phase in the process and make employees' work easier.

The advantages of idea management software are obvious: a user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy to contribute ideas and manage proposals. The software enables the quick evaluation and prioritization of ideas as well as the assignment of tasks within the team. This ensures that important ideas are not lost or forgotten.

Moreover, good software also offers functions for analyzing and evaluating ideas. For example, trends can be identified and specifically promoted, or weak points in the idea process can be uncovered.

Overall, potential is ideally exploited with good software. This can support the successful implementation of innovations.



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