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6 digital tools for innovation managers

In an innovation project, there are many tasks in which you could work smarter. Six tools that make the work of innovation managers easier.

Digital tools can fill a gap in innovation management.

Nowadays, innovation managers make their work more effective with the aid of a multitude of digital tools. The right tools can make an enormous difference, both in terms of the efficiency and the quality of the results. 

How digital tools support innovation projects

Away from innovation management software, it is often the small tasks that can be made easier, quicker, or more transparent thanks to digital solutions. For each of these tasks that arise in the innovation process, a suitable tool can be found – after proper research – that facilitates the work on the next innovation. From the conceiving of an idea, to project planning, to implementation, and evaluation: there is now a suitable tool for every step.

We have compiled six (partly) free tools for you that make the work of innovation managers easier.

  1. The Method Finder: innovation requires a method. 
    The right innovation method is critical to the success of innovation projects. Yet experience in dealing with the methods is required, as well as knowledge of the special demands posed in certain phases of the innovation process. The Method Finder helps innovation managers in this regard.
  2. Mural: more creative through visual collaboration. 
    Ideas and unstructured topics can be worked on together with Mural. Once the thoughts of all those involved have been collected, they can be structured by the team.
  3. Mentimeter: quick surveys for polling opinions. 
    Mentimeter facilitates agreement among participants in workshops. With just a few clicks, the group's preferences can be queried after a creative session.
  4. MS Teams: teamwork in innovation projects 
    Since the pandemic, it is difficult to imagine businesses operating with MS Teams. In addition to useful functions, like sharing documents and coordinating tasks, it can be used to gather and evaluate ideas.
  5. Meistertask: task management for agile innovation management 
    Digital tools like Meistertask ensure order among the creative chaos of an innovation project. For example, the tool helps you organize agile project management and facilitates agile work on an innovation project.
  6. Typeform: quantitative surveys in innovation projects
    Sometimes quantitative surveys are needed, for example, to ascertain market acceptance for an innovation project. Surveys such as those that can be created with Typeform are great for collecting data from target groups in a structured manner in an innovation project.  

Tips for selecting the tools for your innovation project

A tool can simplify the work in each phase of the innovation process. You can find many tools on the Internet, free or paid-for, that will make work or collaboration in an innovation project easier. What is important is that the tool improves your work. 

Before trying out a new tool for your work on an innovation project, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What purpose should the tool serve in my innovation project?
    Just because there's a new tool, it doesn't mean it will make your job easier. Consider in advance whether the tool offers you added value.
  2. What should the tool be used for during the individual phases in the innovation process?
    Digital tools can make various tasks on the path to the next innovation easier for you by supporting you in decision-making, facilitating communication, or structuring the organization of the innovation project more clearly.
  3. Who will work with the tool? 
    If you plan to have the entire team work with a new tool, make sure everyone on the project team can and will use it. Otherwise, it may fail to gain the acceptance of the team members. 

Jannik Böckenholt

As an expert for New Business Development, Jannik is your reliable companion for new commercial ventures. When it comes to the restructuring of innovation processes or the application of innovation methods, the learned project manager guides you to your objective step by step, while making sure there is fun along the way with his inspiring storytelling in the workshops he moderates.

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