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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

The innovations of the tilt and turn window

  The future needs a past - in most companies, this assertion is the jewel in the crown of Sunday speech. Little is known about the practical benefits of this soothing principle. One of the most important tools of innovation management is based on the study of company history. Which innovations have so far been crowned with success? The answer to this question is reflected in the innovat...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

How high-tech facades combine efficiency and creativity

  In recent years, researchers have developed revolutionary facades that cool, heat and neutralize smog. Innovative technologies make buildings more energy-efficient and have a positive impact on the CO2 balance. We introduce you to some of the futuristic high-tech frames that combine utility and creativity. Innovative stainless steel facades Until now, stainless steel facades have prima...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Smart door locks turn doors into intelligent helpers

  Smart Home is on everyone's lips - but intelligent apartments and houses can also be entered through the entrance door. There are already many easy-to-install solutions on the market today that turn your entrance door into intelligent access systems. Read in this article which new functions smart door locks have to offer, how they and their installation work, who offers them and why ke...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

Farewell to U-value: Ventilation is the new megatrend in the window industry

  A trend that has ruled an entire industry for forty years is called a megatrend. For the developers of innovative windows, it has been clear since the "energy-saving window" of the 1970s that windows have to insulate better and better. The "U-value" was the guideline for every window innovation. But then came the mold, slowly, as it is his way. He infiltrated the minds much more slowly...

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