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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

How bikinis and bras inspire creativity for innovations

  Innovations in lingerie are usually based on the creativity of fashion designers. It would be impossible to believe that technical innovations are still possible here. Recently, however, there has been a boom in textile innovation, which has upholstered the classic lingerie with astonishing additional functions. In the middle of the last century it got its name and was patented: the bi...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Innovative yarns: 5 trends you should know

  Textiles are only as good as the yarn they are knitted from. Innovative yarns thus form the basis for the fabrics of the future. And please don't just think of clothing. So that you don't lose the thread, this blog article informs you about the five most important trends in yarns - including surprising examples. Bionic yarns: spiders as a model Bionics is the science that tries to tran...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

Why eco-textiles offer the greatest opportunity for innovation

  It is undisputed that the trend towards sustainability and ecological awareness is no longer a short-term fad. Organic, organic, fair or green have now reached every sector of the economy. The textile industry is no exception. Innovations in the field of eco-textiles are a recipe for success. Our clothing should be crease-free, easy-care and dimensionally stable. Exotic colors, great d...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

7 reasons why wearables will revolutionize textiles and clothing

  Up to now, clothing has only had two functions: It should protect our body from cold, heat or the eyes of others and it should look good to symbolize our status. Wearables, like clothing on portable computers, will significantly expand this spectrum. One might think that Coco Chanel foresaw the future of high-tech clothing when she said: "Fashion is not something that exists only in cl...

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