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7 reasons why wearables will revolutionize textiles and clothing

  Up to now, clothing has only had two functions: It should protect our body from cold, heat or the eyes of others and it should look good to symbolize our status. Wearables, like clothing on portable computers, will significantly expand this spectrum. One might think that Coco Chanel foresaw the future of high-tech clothing when she said: "Fashion is not something that exists only in cl...

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Smart Textiles bring the comeback of the European textile industry

  We know smart phones, but intelligent fabrics and fibers? "Smart Textiles" are the new stars of the textile industry, the clever fabrics. They warn of diseases, transmit data and store energy. An impressive comeback like an industry believed to be dead with the courage to innovate.   Although the production of textiles is almost as old as mankind itself, and industrialisation also bega...

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What you should consider when crowdfunding via Kickstarter

  Crowdfunding is one of many ways to finance your own creative ideas and projects. Among the numerous platforms, Kickstarter is the largest. Read in this blog entry how two start-ups succeeded in succeeding in the outdoor market through Kickstarter and which rules have to be observed when crowdfunding about Kickstarter. Actually, Herman Poelmann, Wiebe Poelmann and Wouter de Roy van Zui...

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Interview: Why Vorarlberg is the global hub for Smart Textiles

  Knitted power storage devices, textile implants that take the fright out of heart surgery or embroidered warning systems that inform residents and emergency services before a roof collapses under too much snow load - all these things have one thing in common. The idea, the concept, the prototype and often also the finished product come from Vorarlberg. Why this is no coincidence is exp...

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