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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

3 Reasons why the future of wearables is difficult to predict

  Wearing networked electronics as close to your body as possible is the trend: smartwatches, fitness ribbons and the like are currently selling almost by themselves. But will this also be the case in the future? Read in this blog post about the future of wearables and why it is so difficult to assess it. A wearable is nothing more than a computer that is worn on the body during use. Str...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Why the Vorarlberg textile cluster can survive in the heart of Europe

  Despite the structural changes in recent decades, the Vorarlberg textile cluster is now regarded as "Textile Silicon Valley". Of Vorarlberg's 360 industrial companies, over 200 belong to the textile industry, which covers practically all processing sectors. We show you how the Vorarlberg textile industry has managed to achieve a leading position in Europe despite the massive shrinking ...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

Why plastic garments can't keep the oceans clean

  Plastic waste from the oceans is a raw material for very big brands like Adidas, but also small, Austrian labels like "Margaret and Hermione" for their collections. These initiatives are good for the environment, the brand and raising awareness of an urgent problem. However: Clothing made of plastic waste will not be able to solve the huge waste problem with PVC and the like. Why this ...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

How digitisation affects the textile industry

  The textile industry is currently experiencing the effects of digitalization - increasing individualization, networking of devices and people as well as progressive automation of production and logistics processes are increasingly coming into focus. Technological innovations and changing customer expectations require new business models and organisational principles in the textile indu...

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