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Read our latest articles on innovation management and innovation in a wide range of industries.

Posted by: Julian Eberling

How Virtual Reality changes commerce

  Virtual reality has the potential to fundamentally transform retail. VR technology offers new opportunities for stationary retailers in particular to hold their own against online retailers such as Amazon. The unique VR experience could be an important touchpoint in the future, encouraging customers to shop not only in the store but also in the respective online shops. In this article ...

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Posted by: Franz Emprechtinger

How Augmented Reality revolutionizes service and repairs

  As with Pokémon GO, the enrichment of real images with virtual information is not only extremely fun. Augmented Reality (AR) opens doors to completely new possibilities in many areas. Read in this blog post, how Augmented Reality can make the service of plants and machines more efficient, easier and cheaper. Anyone who has ever set up a piece of furniture by the Swedish furniture deale...

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Posted by: Gerhard BERTHOLD

B2B Sharing: The next step for the Sharing Economy?

  The Sharing Economy is booming. More and more private customers are discovering the trend towards "using instead of owning". While P2P sharing, such as overnight stays in Airbnb private apartments or car sharing, is becoming increasingly popular, B2B sharing models are still rare. The classic industry seems to be waiting to see this trend. However, the importance of the B2B Sharing Eco...

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Posted by: Gerhard BERTHOLD

How unmanned stores change trade

  No cash register, no waiting, no staff: Unmanned stores are becoming increasingly important and could be the solution for 24/7 local supply in the future. In the following, we would like to introduce you to some forward-looking store concepts.   "Näraffär"- The first supermarket without staff The pioneer of the unmanned store is not the Internet giant Amazon, but the Swedish IT technic...

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