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Posted by: Michael PUTZ
Category: market innovation

Definition: New Business Development

  New business development is the most complex and risky way to generate new revenue. The aim is to generate profits with a new product or service and a new business model in a hitherto unknown market. In this blog post you can read what is to be understood by New Business Development and how it can be represented organizationally in practice. A company has many options for tapping new s...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL
Category: market innovation

Industry transfer: How the exchange with industries leads to new applications

  Leaving your own silo always pays off. There is much to learn from foreign economic sectors not only for your own business. Often, completely new fields of application for one's own technologies also arise. And with it new market opportunities. Read in this blog post how an innovation can be gilded several times through exchange with other industries. In our economy it is a good custom...

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Posted by: Tanja ESCHBERGER
Category: market innovation

6 steps: How market innovation works

  If you are confronted with growth limits in your industry or face ruinous competition, you should look for alternatives to your previous field of activity. Your products, services or technologies could also be useful in industries where you have not been active before. Read in this blog post how you can win new customers, partners and sales markets with a market innovation without havi...

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Posted by: Franz Emprechtinger
Category: market innovation

Which employees and partners are needed for a market innovation?

  With a market innovation you can open up new markets with your existing product portfolio and your know-how. Experience shows that a successful market innovation requires hundreds of new contacts to be made. Another success criterion is the involvement of the right employees in such a project. Read in this blog post which people you should involve in which phases of a market innovation...

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