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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Thus, the search field analysis ensures more innovations in mechanical engineering

  There are few standards in mechanical engineering. The providers adapt their solutions individually to customer requirements and develop them further together. This focus on the client's wishes can lead the research and development department to focus solely on the further development of these individual solutions. Resources for creating real innovations remain none. In this blog post,...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

HMI: When man and machine get along blindly

  Machines are becoming increasingly complex, intelligent and important to all of us. Whether and how well we get along with machines depends on the quality of the human-machine interface (HMI). Far away from switches, rotary knobs, touch screens and the like, developers are looking for new methods to improve understanding between man and machine. Read in this blog article how intelligen...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

How to achieve multiple success through innovation transfer

  When a person goes on a journey, he usually has this little bordeaux-red booklet with him, which "must be carried along to establish his identity beyond doubt" when crossing a border: the passport. The addition "beyond doubt" already indicates that the number of security features in this document is considerable. Many of them are not visible or at least not visible at first glance. The...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

Death of buttons: Will all machines need touchscreens soon?

  Turn and press, or wipe? for example in your car, is your radio or navigation system operated with buttons, or with a touch screen? Using the automotive industry as an example, we show you what you should consider when converting from machines to touch screen interfaces. Volkswagen, Toyota, Opel have it, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus do not have it: the touch screen. Strange, isn't it?...

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