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Read our latest articles on innovation management and innovation in a wide range of industries.

Posted by: Gerhard BERTHOLD

The Industrial Internet of Things and its Role in the Manufacturing Industry

  The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) opens up a wide range of opportunities for the manufacturing industry in particular. Comprehensive networking is no longer a vision of the future, and the 5G mobile communications standard will presumably increase the dynamic from 2020. You can read an overview of IIoT technology and its application in production in this article. What is the Ind...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Why digitalization leads to a disruption of mechanical engineering

  New technologies such as Industry 4.0 and digital platforms also open up completely new possibilities for mechanical engineering. Because both increase the efficiency of existing systems many times over, machine designers see their business threatened. In this blog post you can read how digitization is disrupting the engineering industry and what the industry can learn from agriculture...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

How virtual sensors can measure quantities that cannot be measured

  Sensors that measure position, temperature, pressure and other physical or chemical parameters are gaining enormously in importance in industry 4.0. But it is not always possible to measure what is actually necessary. Virtual sensors can help here. Albert Dorneich, Head of Technology Innovation and Evaluation at Balluff, explains how Virtual Sensing works and what possibilities the tec...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Robotic Process Automation: What speaks for and against office robots

  Robots are no longer only used in production halls. As software bots, they have already arrived in many offices where they carry out standardized processes or even help decide which human applicant gets the job advertised. In this blog post you can read about the possibilities and advantages of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the pitfalls and disadvantages that need to be taken ca...

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