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Legalization of drugs - the effects of a LEAD user innovation

  As advanced users or users in an application field, LEAD users deal intensively with a problem for which there is still no suitable solution on the existing market. Urban farming is an apt example of a LEAD user innovation that developed out of the longing of many townspeople for nature and healthy food. What urban farming has to do with the legalization of hemp, more on this in this a...

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How hospitals can better produce medicines themselves in the future

  Robots and 3D printing will make it easier and better for hospitals to produce their own drugs in the future. The production of drugs close to the patient has many advantages but also its limitations. Read how hospitals can use these technologies in this blog post. To bring a new drug to market, pharmaceutical companies have to invest a lot of time and money. On average, more than 13 y...

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Exoskeleton - Innovation in Industry, Medicine and Leisure

  The exoskeleton as an extension of the human body is intended to support people in movement and reduce physical stress. Exoskeletons have been used in rehabilitation for a long time, innovative applications now make the concept interesting in many ways. Read about exoskeleton innovation in industry, medicine and leisure in this blog post. The Chairless Chair A chair that never gets in ...

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These 4 applications show the potential of Big Data and medicine

  Medicine has always depended on patient data. Big Data technologies now make it possible to tap into several sources and gain the latest knowledge from enormous amounts of data in the shortest possible time. In this blog post you can read about the advantages of Big Data in medicine and learn more about the huge potential of this combination with the help of 4 examples. "We classify pa...

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