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Posted by: Julian Eberling

Best Practice: How Florida Hospital has implemented more than 500 innovation projects in just 4 years

  In times of rapidly changing business models and new technologies, the traditional healthcare industry is coming under increasing pressure. Generating and managing innovative ideas effectively and sustainably is therefore also becoming increasingly important in the medical environment. In this article we will show you how the Florida Hospital has mastered this challenge.   What makes F...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

How start-ups circumvent obstacles to innovation in medicine

  There is not the right medicine for every disease. Instead of waiting for a solution from the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance companies or doctors, many people are turning to self-help: they develop innovations and start start-ups that alleviate their own suffering, help other people affected and earn money with them. Sometimes the established health system throws beating bet...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

8 Facts you should know about 3D printing in medicine

  The number of patients waiting for donor organs is increasing. Waiting for a new kidney, liver or heart is getting longer and longer. Using 3-pressure to produce organs would solve this problem. In this article you will learn how far 3D printing in medicine has already advanced and which hurdles have to be overcome. One ear, printed in Austria At this year's Pioneers Festival at the Vi...

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Posted by: Simon Eidenhammer

Why health insurance companies systematically prevent innovations

  Health insurance companies operate in strictly regulated areas. This situation is not conducive to innovation - preventing something new is even inherent in the system. In this blog post you can read how health insurance companies can promote innovation when they have to compete with others with good ideas. And why it will ultimately be expensive not to listen to the patients. The Aust...

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