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Posted by: Wolfgang PAUSER

Innovation on site: As it can go without dust

  You are out of dust and you will become dust - the good Lord could have said this all too true sentence about buildings. Where there's construction, there's dust, at least until now. Because at BAU 2015, Xella presented an innovation that could not be better realized. Empathy with the end user and technology transfer from another industry, two basic principles of the LEAD User Method, ...

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Posted by: Wolfgang PAUSER

Innovative wallpapers contribute to internal thermal insulation

  The advantages and disadvantages of external and internal thermal insulation are well researched and discussed, which solution to choose depends on the circumstances. It is precisely because the subject of thermal refurbishment is so hotly debated that wallpaper manufacturers began to think about it some time ago and to look for product innovations - some of them together with us. Our ...

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Posted by: Stefan Poglitsch

How modular house construction influences the construction industry

  The module house building has its roots already in the 60s and 70s. At that time, experiments were carried out with skeleton structures that could be optionally installed and removed in room modules. In the context of urban housing shortages, the construction industry is once again increasingly focusing on the vision of a "stackable city". Read here how modular house construction influ...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

How sustainability in construction can work

  The ecological footprint of the construction industry is huge, as it requires a particularly large amount of raw materials. Some of them are now almost exhausted. Sustainability in construction is therefore the order of the day. Read in this blog entry how sustainability in construction can be realized and why the industry is already "on the sand" worldwide. The construction industry c...

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