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Read our latest articles on innovation management and innovation in a wide range of industries.

Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

Necessity is the mother of invention: How crises drive innovation

Crises have characterized the rhythm of economic cycles for centuries. Innovations have always been regarded as essential instruments for adapting to a changing environment and thus ensuring corporate success for the future. But how are companies responding today to the upheavals triggered by the COVID 19 pandemic, and what success factors will secure tomorrow's business? A review of the...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

From opportunity spaces to search fields - a definition

In innovation management one speaks of search fields when it comes to the strategic planning of innovations. With the help of these search fields, you can clearly formulate your development mandate for new products, processes, services, business models or business areas. However, there is a higher level of abstraction in innovation strategy: namely the so-called opportunity spaces. In th...

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Posted by: Tanja ESCHBERGER

What is VUCA?

VUCA tries to describe the world in which we live with four attribute words: fleeting, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Read in this blog post what exactly VUCA is and how it affects your innovation management. Changes can be unsettling - especially when they are large-scale and happen very suddenly. The United States was facing exactly this situation when the socialist system collapse...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

When is the right time to start an innovation activity?

Being in the market with an innovation too early or too late costs money. The question of the right time for an innovation is therefore crucial. In this article, you can read how Roadmapping can help you answer this important question. Innovation Roadmap connects past and future The Innovation Roadmap is a very useful tool for developing an innovation strategy. It combines knowledge from...

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