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How inbound marketing helps you to market an innovation

  Traditional marketing methods seek to find customers for the company. Inbound marketing goes the opposite way: Here the customer should find the company and its solutions. In this blog post you can read about the advantages of this method and why it is particularly suitable for marketing an innovation. Advertising messages are lurking around every corner today. We are all threatened wi...

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Why influencers gain more power

  Influencer Marketing is always suspected of being a short-term hype. In this article you will learn why this is not the case and how the market is developing in this respect. Influencer Marketing becomes mainstream Influencer Marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing and will continue to gain in importance. That Influencer Marketing is one of the most important marketi...

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How new technologies improve innovation marketing

  Innovation marketing does not just start with the market launch of an innovation. Rather, it is responsible for developing suitable strategies and measures in all phases of the innovation process in order to filter out customer needs and obtain feedback. This is the only way to ensure that investments are made in promising innovation projects and flops are avoided. Read in this blog en...

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The 3 most important marketing trends 2018

  What will determine the Marketing Trends 2018? We have summarized for you the three most exciting trends that can play a profitable role in your Marketing Strategy 2018. Trend 1: Companies are increasingly investing in influencer marketing Influencer Marketing as part of Digital Marketing is one of the strongest marketing trends in 2018 and is becoming increasingly important in the are...

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