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Why only the right moderation leads to innovation

  New things always create resistance. The higher the degree of novelty of an innovation, the higher the internal hurdles to bring it onto the market. Obstacles emerge at the first meeting of the innovation team and accompany the innovation process until the market launch. Moderation helps you to stay on course with your innovation. This blog post answers your 12 most important questions...

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5 factors how to avoid innovation flops

  Innovation flops cost a lot of time and money. Up to 90 percent of all product interventions are not successful on the market. There are many reasons for this. We shed light on five factors that are decisive for successful innovation and enable breakthrough innovations.   Factor: Management Commitment and Budget To avoid innovation flops, the commitment of management, board or owner mu...

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3 Advantages of external innovation management

  At first glance, it seems risky to depict such an important area as the development of inventions externally. However, there are three major advantages to external innovation management. Read in this blog entry why your company can develop novelties more flexibly and effectively with the support of a service provider and achieve even better results when it relies on the advantages of e...

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What is external innovation management and what are the advantages?

  Innovation management is not only an internal company process, but often also involves external innovation service providers who take on different tasks. On the one hand, this involves the outsourcing of innovation activities that the company cannot or does not want to carry out itself and therefore purchases as a service package. On the other hand, personnel capacities will be expande...

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