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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

How you can benefit from outsourcing innovation management

  By outsourcing necessary corporate tasks, such as accounting or IT, companies can concentrate more on their USP and act more effectively. However, many decision-makers cannot imagine letting others perform core tasks such as innovating. You can read in this blog post why the outsourcing of innovation management is also boosting your business. Without a doubt, inventing something new is...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

Position Innovation Manager: 4 important factors

  Systematizing and increasing innovation success requires the integration of innovation management and the employees responsible for it. The question is, where is the position of an innovation manager best integrated? And this is surprisingly critical to success.  Innovation is a complex topic that occupies many departments in an organization. But which department is commissioned or whe...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

What happens if you miscast the Innovation Manager job?

  The management of innovation is a delicate task: It is vital for companies to bring new developments to market that are economically successful. If you miscast your innovation management, it can be expensive. In this article you can read what happens if you have filled the job of innovation manager incorrectly and how you can recognize this. Although innovations have been around since ...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

5 questions as to whether you should fill the Innovation Manager position internally

  An internal innovation manager forms the interface between your market departments on the one hand and the research and development department on the other. Even if innovations play a central role in your company: It is not always advisable to fill the position of innovation manager internally. Based on 5 criteria, this blog entry helps you to decide whether you are better advised with...

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