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Peak Innovation: Why you should pay attention to this phenomenon

  An innovative innovation path branches off and leads down...   Peak Innovation, what would that be? We already know Peak Oil and supposedly we already had that - the time of the peak of crude oil production, the peak, the apex, the peak at which insight becomes inevitable: From now on it's downhill! If oil production can no longer be increased, it and the oil with it disappears. In rec...

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Open Innovation vs. Closed Innovation

  The demands on innovation management have changed dramatically in recent years. In the traditional understanding, the in-house R&D department is the most important source of innovation. An opening to the outside world to better meet the increased demands changes this classical understanding. In this blog post we shed light on the two approaches Open Innovation vs. Closed Innovation, wh...

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How to generate more patent applications with patent mining

  Both the share price of large listed companies and the value of a small company depend very much on the number of patent applications. Because anyone who invents a lot of new things is considered fit for the future. In this blog post you can read about a new project format called Patent Mining, with which you can generate more patent applications without much effort and at the same tim...

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Signature Innovation: When innovations bear a signature

  What do the chocolate bars of Frank Rosin's Duck Liver or Plachutta's Tafelspitz have in common? They are the signature dish of a cook or restaurant. These are dishes that everyone immediately associates with the name of the creator or supplier. What is common in the culinary world is now entering the world of novelties. A Signature innovation is a new development that bears the signat...

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