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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL

Creating space for innovation: 5 learnings on how New Work can succeed in your company

The trend toward New Work has existed for several years. So has the desire of many employees to work more flexibly on a permanent basis. As a catalyst, the Corona crisis has accelerated this development enormously. This article explains why New Work as the new standard is not a short-term trend and how companies can master this challenge and use it for innovation. 1. The changes are perm...

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Posted by: Nick Brown
Category: Innovation culture

Keeping your employees happy with these 5 easy tricks

The main focus of doing business of any kind is to provide a product and/or a service that satisfies customers and solves a problem that they have. That means offering the best price-to-benefit ratio that is possible because today’s market is globalized and heavily saturated with competition. For most companies that is only what matters but what they do not realize is that there is the o...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER
Category: Innovation culture

What an organisational burnout has to do with innovation

  A company can also suffer a burnout: a paralysed state in which nothing more can be positively changed. What does this have to do with innovation? A lot, because a burnout prevents innovation, and innovation should prevent a burnout.   When an organization slides into a burnout Not only employees can suffer a burnout, organizations can also burn out. Above all, old and large organisati...

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Posted by: Tanja ESCHBERGER
Category: Innovation culture

Why an open innovation culture pays off

  Innovations give companies a competitive edge. In order not to endanger this advantage, many companies try to keep their research and development activities as secret as possible. However, it pays off to communicate inventions openly and to involve external idea bearers. In this blog post, you can read why an open innovation culture is worthwhile and why it is imperative that you take ...

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