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Posted by: Michael PUTZ
Category: Innovation Contest

How an Innovation Contest increases innovation performance enormously

  An in-house Innovation Contest brings the company hundreds of ideas for innovative products and thus increases the innovation performance to a high degree. We show you how to use the instrument of the "Innovation Contest" to use the potential and creativity of your employees in a positive way and to take the innovation culture in your company to a new level. Overcoming the slump in inn...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER
Category: Innovation Contest

How to promote your innovation culture with an Innovation Contest

  In the minds of your employees there are many good ideas hidden, some of which can form the basis for future cash-cows. But this valuable resource can only come to light within the right corporate culture. Read in this blog article how you can promote the culture of innovation with an Innovation - in five dimensions. Fighting for good employees has never been easy. But in recent years ...

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Posted by: Tanja ESCHBERGER
Category: Innovation Contest

How to practice co-creation with customers in an Innovation Contest

  Using your customers' ideas for innovations brings you many advantages. If you choose an Innovation Contest as a format for your co-creation with customers, you can also give your brand an innovative image. Read in this blog post how you can integrate your customers into the idea generation process with an innovation and at the same time polish your brand. Co-Creation offers five advan...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL
Category: Innovation Contest

How an Open Innovation Contest for customers strengthens your brand

  Successful companies solve the problems for their customers. But if companies do not know exactly where their customers are under pressure, they lose the ability to launch innovations. You can counteract this danger with an Open Innovation Contest. Read this blog article to find out why you can gain particularly valuable impulses for your innovation management and how you can strengthe...

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