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Interview Reinhard Mäser about innovative fittings

    An interview with Reinhard Mäser and Wolfgang Pauser on the innovative past and future of the hardware industry. Mr. Mäser, you worked for the hardware manufacturer Blum for 40 years, 25 of them as head of development for the innovation of fittings for kitchen furniture. During this time, the company has grown from 250 to approximately 6,000 employees. How did this succeed? From the ...

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How innovative furniture for the waiting room is created

  For a long time, the office furniture manufacturer Neudoerfler had limited itself to its core area and bought in marginal phenomena such as waiting room sofas and chairs. A first exception to this principle was the "Welcome" office couch - it corresponded to the spirit of the 80s and 90s: office benches primarily had the function of showing prestige. They should look as "design" as pos...

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The trend towards smaller apartments

  The world population is growing, the globe remains the same size, that is the macro-perspective. Realistically, it is primarily the rural exodus that demands more densification from the metropolises, both from an urban planning perspective and privately in the use of living space. More and more people want to live and work together in an ever closer area. This raises prices per square ...

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The role of product analysis using the bench as an example

  The office furniture manufacturer Wiesner-Hager took an unusual path to create an innovation for the furniture genre "bench seat": Before he announced a design competition for young designers, he asked me to explore and think through the product bench. Wiesner-Hager followed the idea of not only rationalizing the first step of each designer's work, but also ensuring a degree of intelle...

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