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Posted by: Tanja ESCHBERGER
Category: Food industry

Will online retailers soon dominate the food trade?

  The online boom is unbroken and in some product groups, such as shoes, pure online players are already taking pole position in the market. Is food retailing, as we know it, threatening to disappear as well? Read this blog post to find out why FMCG's currently low e-commerce share could increase very soon. The current issue of the "100-Top-Retailers" of the Austrian Trade Association sh...

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Posted by: Franz Emprechtinger
Category: Food industry

How countertrends can open up new opportunities for innovation

  Trends are the forces that change society. Keeping an eye on these changes and aligning one's own innovations with them is regarded as a promising strategy for every company. But it can also pay off to swim against the current. In this blog post you can read about trends and counter-trends using the example of trade, and why you benefit when you develop innovations that contradict the ...

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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER
Category: Food industry

Why the sweet years for the food industry are now ending

  Sugar is unhealthy, can be addictive and hides in foods that no one would suspect. Because the population is getting thicker and thicker, the pressure on the food industry to reduce the consumption of white gold is growing. In countries that have introduced strict labelling and taxes, the population now gets by with less sugar. Sugar, more precisely household sugar (sucrose) has two th...

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Posted by: Daniel ZAPFL
Category: Food industry

Fast Moving Consumer Goods - The Top 15 Food & Beverage Trends for 2019

  The food and beverage industry is still subject to enormous change due to changing consumer preferences, new technologies and adaptation measures of established brands. The forecast for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) - the 15 strongest Food & Beverage trends for 2019 is presented below.   1. Blockchain-based supply chains The blockchain in the food and beverage industry is b...

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