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Why we all love to collect data about ourselves

  From the fitness watch to the sleep tracker, digitization has given us tools to measure ourselves and our daily lives to the furthest corners. In this blog post you can read why we like to collect and share data about ourselves, why this can be helpful, but why there are dangers. Measurement is the prerequisite for optimization. This paradigm also applies to us humans. In order to beco...

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Human Centric Lighting: Biodynamic Lighting Systems in Trend

  LED technology and digital control of light have paved the way for a new dimension in lighting design. Human Centric Lighting, the trend theme in the lighting industry, focuses on "healthy" light and the effect of light on performance and well-being. Innovative lighting solutions are therefore increasingly taking into account people's biological lighting needs. What is Human Centric Li...

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How Smart Automation, Intertool and C4I made Industry 4.0 tangible

  At the trio Smart Automation, Intertool and C41, which took place in mid-May 2018 in Vienna, the exhibitors tried to make the Industry 4.0 and its possibilities tangible to over 20,000 visitors. There were numerous showcases about Smart Factory, networked products and new business models to marvel at. In mid-May 2018, Messe Wien became the focal point of Austrian industry. From 15 to 1...

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How mobility trends affect production

  Mobility is a central topic of the future, which is currently at a turning point. The focus is on e-mobility, automation and networking of vehicles. For manufacturers, this development is associated with massive changes in production and intensive research work. We will show you in a short overview which challenges and innovative concepts result from this. Trend towards e-mobility is c...

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