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Posted by: Julian Eberling

Where eye tracking is used as an interface

  Eye tracking systems are not only used in connection with market research, but also in many other areas. Read this article to find out what technology is already capable of today.   What is eye tracking? Eye tracking or eye movement measurement is a method that makes the eye movement of a person visible. The recordings consist of fixations and saccades. Fixations are those phases in wh...

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Posted by: Julian Eberling

Why digital cameras are becoming increasingly important despite sluggish sales

Sales of digital cameras have been weakening for years, although never before has so much been photographed as today. The majority now use smartphones to capture valuable moments. However, there can be no question of the death of the camera. On the contrary, their future lies not in creating beautiful images, but in creating smart images for intelligent machines. The fate of former photo...

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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Smart Home Innovations that make life more beautiful

  Comfortable and user-friendly, modern and energy-saving - the demands placed on a smart home are manifold. In the meantime, almost everything can be controlled in your own home via smartphone, tablet or voice. Here we present some of the latest innovations in the Smart Home sector. Amazon Echo - the talking assistant From the end of October 2016, Amazon Echo will also be available to s...

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Posted by: Franz Emprechtinger

Internet of Things: Why you should be prepared for cyber attacks

  The opportunities on the Internet of Things are enormous, and the risks are also enormous. More and more companies and organizations are affected: Almost a third (32 percent) have been affected by cybercrime cases in the last two years - the highest figure ever recorded in the biennial PwC Global Economic Crime survey.   The Internet of Things is on the advance Cost reductions and opti...

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