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Posted by: Michael PUTZ

Why Carsharing Disrupts Car Manufacturers

  In industry, using instead of owning and borrowing instead of buying is the order of the day. Now this development is affecting the private capital goods car and also many other means of transport. The established vehicle manufacturers have so far hardly reacted to car sharing, although the trend holds enormous potential for disruption. In many sectors of the economy, it is common for ...

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Posted by: Julian Eberling

How networked mobility pulls chaos out of traffic

  Most new cars bought today are already networked. The really exciting functions such as autonomous driving are only possible in conjunction with powerful communication networks. Then individual mobility can be better controlled and that generates many advantages. Which technology is to serve as the infrastructure is still controversial at present. "Today, computers, smartphones and the...

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Posted by: Elena KRAFFT

The death of the power cable: How a US wireless power company is revolutionizing energy supply

  Tech company Viziv Technologies and Baylor University last year announced a new research partnership aimed at commercializing an entirely new method of providing long distance wireless electrical power. This article will tell you what this is all about. Tesla Tower 2.0 in Texas The US company Viziv Technologies (formerly Texzon) built a strange-looking tower at Interstate 35 near Milfo...

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Posted by: Tanja ESCHBERGER

How the automotive industry plans to use 3D printing to create new business models

  3D printing in the automotive industry lays the foundation for the next stage of automotive production under the keyword Industry 4.0. Learn how additive technologies are transforming the automotive industry and what growth opportunities are predicted for the 3D market. Growth market 3D printing According to a Strategy& study, the global market for 3D printing industrial products w...

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