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Posted by: Angela HENGSBERGER

How Augmented Reality generates multiple added value for the automotive industry

  Augmented Reality (AR) combines reality with digital content. Of course, the technology can do much more than send smartphone users on a virtual monster hunt, as with Pokémon Go. In the automotive industry, AR provides more efficiency and new possibilities in almost every area. You can read exactly what these are in this blog post. The "augmented reality" visible through displays or sp...

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Posted by: Julian Eberling

The digital factory as pioneer for the smart factory of the future

  The Digital Factory has been established in the industry for many years. However, in order to be able to process the increasing complexity and multitude of information in the digital factory, new solutions have to be found. Read here what industry 4.0 has to offer in this context.   What exactly does the term "digital factory" mean? In many areas, the Smart Factory is still more of a v...

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Posted by: Julian Eberling

How shared mobility is changing car hardware

  Shared mobility is currently considered one of the most important trends in the automotive industry. This is accompanied by the need for new concepts for sharing vehicles in order to meet the needs of customers and suppliers in this sector. We will show you some examples of current developments and innovative solutions in this area. The car as a service Various studies forecast a marke...

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