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Posted by: Elena KRAFFT
Category: Innovation methods

Faster, better, cheaper: What innovation must be able to do

  In the past, great innovations often came about by chance. Antibiotics, e-mails or credit cards - they were all unplanned by-products of research or development. Today, companies hardly have any scope for random innovations. They are under much greater pressure to innovate. We will show you some outstanding best practice examples that show what innovation must do today to be faster, be...

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Posted by: Elena KRAFFT

The death of the power cable: How a US wireless power company is revolutionizing energy supply

  Tech company Viziv Technologies and Baylor University last year announced a new research partnership aimed at commercializing an entirely new method of providing long distance wireless electrical power. This article will tell you what this is all about. Tesla Tower 2.0 in Texas The US company Viziv Technologies (formerly Texzon) built a strange-looking tower at Interstate 35 near Milfo...

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Posted by: Elena KRAFFT

Why lack of time and cost pressure in health care can become expensive

  A general practitioner in Austria can take just 5 minutes for a patient on average. The reason for this is the lack of doctors and cost pressure. In this blog post you can read why the focus on efficiency in health care not only reduces the quality of medical care, but can ultimately become expensive for society as a whole. In order to treat a disease successfully, it is necessary to k...

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